Why does a quality puppy cost so much?*

When I decided to start breeding dogs, I never expected that it would be something I would make a profit on…and I was right!  I fell in love with the Havanese, and realized how many other people would love to have a wonderful companion like mine, with excellent health and the fun, vibrant and loving temperament of the Havanese.

I wanted to show dogs in the breed ring as well, and so far, all my goals have been realized….I breed a litter or two a year, and I have two girls with their AKC champion titles and one with her grand champion title.

 I also train and trial some of my Havanese (and a border collie) in agility. All these activities help me know for certain that the dogs I breed are exactly what I would want in a puppy I buy — reliable health, temperament and structure.

I carefully select the dogs in my breeding program, spend at least two years with them before they are bred, with few exceptions, and do extensive health testing (hips, eyes, heart, hearing, knees).

I show my dogs to learn which of them carry they structural characteristics that most typify the breed, and to have that outside confirmation that my dogs are indeed the quality that I expect they are.

The Havanese Club of America has an article for puppy buyers on the importance of health testing and the price of a quality puppy.  You can read it here.  And if you’re thinking about the fact that you want a pet and not a show dog, here’s a blog on why you want to buy a dog from a show breeder. And here’s an article from the American Kennel Club on responsible breeders.

Health testing, training, dog shows, regular care and feeding….all these activities are baked into the puppy you get from Carita Havanese.  A smart, fun, sweet, loving, happy and healthy dog for its lifetime.

*The price for a pet puppy from Carita Havanese is currently $2500.  Show potential puppies are considerably higher in price.

If you are looking for a bargain price, you likely will get a bargain dog.  And you may well spend far more in vet bills the first year of your puppy’s life than the cost of one of my puppies.  Ask your friends who have purchased a quality dog….and those who purchased a dog based on price.  I am certain of the answers you will get.