Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the process for buying a Carita Havanese puppy?

A.  Fill out this application, and send it by email to  We’ll find a time to chat on the phone and determine if this is a good fit for us both.

Q.  How do I get to choose my puppy?

A.  In any litter, I am often hoping for that special show puppy that shows the best qualities in health, temperament, structure and beauty to carry on the Carita Havanese tradition.  We cannot determine which in any litter that dog might be until 8 weeks of age.  Therefore, no puppies are selected by new owners until 8 weeks of age.  After I have selected any potential show dogs, we assess the temperaments of each of the puppies and match the temperaments with the desires of the new owners.

All other things being equal (very similar temperaments, size, etc.), new owners choose puppies in the order in which the contracts were signed and deposit sent. The most important thing about any dog is temperament — color and beauty are nice, but temperament and health are everything.

Temperament is the most important thing in determining which puppy is right for any household.  Color should never be the first reason to choose one puppy over another!