I get a lot of questions about how to get a puppy!

With COVID so present in our lives, many people have turned to the comfort of a dog.  Consequently, requests for puppies are at an all-time high.  I wish I had a puppy immediately for everyone, but I don’t have that many litters a year, and so, anyone who wants a puppy is probably going to have to wait several months.

Waiting isn’t necessarily a bad thing – – it gives you time to get ready for your new dog and, if this is your first Havanese, to learn more about the breed.  I highly recommend that you read a great book by Patricia McConnell, a world-renowned animal behaviorist, to familiarize yourself with the kind of socialization and positive reinforcement methods that are so useful in training a Havanese.  The book is, “The Other End of the Leash.”  Click the book name to go to this book on Amazon. It’s a great read !!  

To get on the waiting list and be notified about upcoming litters, download and fill out my Puppy application and send it via email to caritahavanese@gmail.com

Once a litter is born, I begin evaluating the personalities and temperaments of the puppies. While you may fall in love with the coloration of a particular puppy, matching the temperament of the puppy with your expectations is far more important than any color.
For instance, you may want a laid back puppy who likes to go for walks, play in the yard, and keep you company at home.  Or, you may want a puppy who is more active who can accompany you on hikes, longer walks, or become involved in dog sports.  You may have children in the home, who, as children will be, can be loud and somewhat erratic.  A dog who is more noise sensitive might not be the best match for your household — you need a dog with greater confidence who doesn’t care much about loud noises or commotion.
So, please, allow me, as the breeder, who knows these puppies best, to guide your choice of the right puppy for your home.
Carita Havanese puppies come with a three year health guarantee for inherited conditions, AKC registration, and lifelong commitment to support for your and your dog. Please be sure to visit my page on how to choose a breeder. This information will help you find a well socialized, healthy puppy who enters your home with confidence and joy.