Left to right, INTL CH Carita’s Sweet A-M-Elio, Ashley and Bentley, AKC  CH Made in Heaven of Velvet Dreams
Update!  We are expecting puppies January 15-18,2023! 
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Carita Havanese….performance, pet and show quality Havanese
from a different kind of breeder — now a Breeder of Merit Bronze!!

Carita Havanese is the culmination of a life-long desire to show and breed dogs. After rescuing, fostering, training and living with a variety of breeds over the last 30 years, we have come to treasure the Havanese!

But I am not a typical breeder who has litters every few months….I generally only have a few litters a year, because I not only have a full time corporate job, but also train my Havanese, Berger Picard (rare French herding breed)  and  Border Collie Mack, in agility.  I show my dogs to try to obtain AKC champion titles for them, in the ring myself, or with the services of a handler, as in the photo above.  I have few litters because I put so much time and effort into my litters, looking after the health of mamma and the babies, and the socialization of these litters, so that when they arrive in their new homes, the puppies are confident, joyful and a pleasure to live with.  Read more about what I think you should be looking for in a breeder here.


Our dogs live with us, as my pets, sleeping on our beds at night and interacting with the family all day long. And when we have puppies, they are raised in the house as well, in a separate bedroom to give mamma her privacy, and give us the opportunity to sleep next to the litter at night. Puppies are highly socialized to real life — car rides, noises, children, other dogs, pottying outside, etc., before they leave for their forever homes.

So, a Carita Havanese is a dog bred with love, cared for by people, well socialized, healthy and ready to begin a life with new people, confidently and happily.

If you are seeking a quality Havanese puppy, but expect to pay the price of the online puppymill store outlets, a Carita Havanese puppy will not meet your needs. The internet storefronts that feature numerous puppies, often in many breeds and “designer” mixes actually often cost more than a dog from a responsible breeder.  You may get q puppy quickly, but you will likely not get a well-bred, well-socialized, home-raised puppy. However, as I only have a litter or two a year, I have a rather long waiting list.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the breed or available puppies. Please understand that Carita Havanese is a small kennel, with only one or two select breedings a year, so puppy availability is limited.

Pictures below of  two of the Havanese dogs I have trained and competed with, Mystykalsky’s Maybelline MX, MXJB, OF (on the teeter before it is on its way down) and CH Carita Truly Scrumptious of Havanasilk NF, both at the Rainbow Bridge.  And also passed to the Rainbow Bridge Oliver EFP, OAP, OJP, OJ, OA (border collie) running agility.