Planned Litters
PLEASE NOTE:  I have typically have had only one or two litters a year.  I need time to go to dog shows, my granddaughters’ softball games, and take a break from all the work of having litters. 
Because of the large volume of requests I am getting for puppies, please do not email me without attaching your puppy application
Click here to download the puppy application. Fill it out, and send it via email to 
The price for a puppy in 2022 is $2750.
Future Litters — Waitlist for Puppies Available Starting 2022
My waiting list is quite long — with 50+ families on the list awaiting a puppy. 
Now, that list will likely be shorter as folks’ plans change, they find a puppy elsewhere or other reasons.  Still, that’s a lot of people, and I only have a few dogs, so a puppy likely won’t be available for 9 months to a year. 
I will email you to let you know you will be notified about future litters, and if any puppies become available sooner. 
If you are interested in a puppy in the future, please fill out an application, found on our Process for Getting a Puppy page.